Three business ideas that would give you ultimate freedom

I understand that the 9 to 5 job you are doing isn’t flexible and it is frustrating. It doesn’t give you a breathing space yet you are not still financially free. Sometimes, it is not just the job that frustrates you but the fact that you have to answer to someone, the fact that you don’t have control over your schedules and other issues.

Most of us don’t like the 9 to 5 job we are doing, but we think we don’t have any choice. What if there is a choice for you. A choice that would give you ultimate freedom from all the financial and work struggles.

I put together three business ideas that would give you ultimate freedom from all the struggles you have been through. And the good thing about the business ideas is that you don’t need too much money to start, you can start small.

  1. Start a blog about something you love. I would have asked you to start blogging for money without thinking about your passion for it, but that would just be second slavery. I wouldn’t want you to do something that you don’t have a passion for because it would get to a time that you would need that passion to drive you, but if you don’t have passion for it, you will end up giving up on it. The truth about blogging is that the more traffic you gain, the more opportunities you get. What’s good about blogging is that you can make money through any niche, so there is no better niche. It depends on you.
  2. Become a virtual assistant or a freelancer. Freelancing and virtual assisting don’t limit you to a job. You can make money (I mean cool money) through freelancing or virtual assisting. Most online business owners are in search for freelancers or virtual assistants with some administrative tasks. If you are very good in some of the tasks, you will earn money. But you have to be valuable.
  3. Social media marketing for local business. There are some local businesses that don’t know the first thing about using social media to promote their business. This is how you come in. you can show the local business how you can promote their business on social media and boost their sales. Surely if the local business owners are convinced that they need you that is hot cake for you (you have to convince them).

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